• Hartbeespoort Dam

Art From The Heart


My immediate surroundings are just an intuitive extension, expression of myself.

Here art is the flow of imagination that is played out in the field of time.. we breathe and live art every moment of the day, without realizing it,through all our senses. I would love you to experience it here … it soothes the soul !
… and the subliminal feel good will bring you back.

When you visit Elsa Cornelissen’s art house you get a lot more than expected.
This is clearly not just a well deserved break ”away from it all”. From the moment you enter this art haven, you experience a unique sense of energy, style, tranquility and a warm feeling that you belong.

Situated in Hartbeespoort only 40km from Pretoria and 60km from Johannesburg, it is a wonderful weekend getaway

The eye feasts on beauty, not only the art on the walls, which is for sale the most part, but also a sculptured garden, with so much creation appearing from all corners and nooks.

Elsa managed effortlessly to give you, the visitor, the “shangrila” of now.

All rooms are air conditioned and have self catering facilities.

ROOM 1: Smokey Charcoal

Entering the room you will find yourself surrounded by original art pieces created by Elsa. The colours together with the soft lighting, enhance the carefully chosen pieces, queen size bed and Persian Carpets.
The en suite bathroom adds to the luxurious feeling. The well equipped kitchenette has its own private entrance and access to a private part of the garden and pool. [Gallery]

ROOM 2: Cadmium Scarlet

The warm colours of Africa- reds, ochres- raw wood finishings welcome you as you enter this special haven.
Double bed, en suite bathroom, quality linen,rugs and carefully selected pieces, remind you that this is a small portion of Africa that is uniquely charming. Access to the pool and garden. [Gallery]

ROOM 3: Italian Earth

“Calm and Cosy” would describe your experience as you enter this space. Equipped with coffee station, fridge, and microwave. The private intimate quart yard guarantees a relaxed stay, knowing that your morning coffee or sun downers may be enjoyed in peace, while once again, you are surrounded by art and artefacts. Access to the pool and garden. [Gallery]

ROOM 4 : Starry Nights

Starry Night Room (predominantly yellow)
“How wonderful the colour Yellow is!! It stands for the Sun!”
Feeling the warm bright colours of Vincent`s “Wheatfields”or “Sunflowers” when you step into the Starry Night room
Walls are overflowing with images of his paintings, expressing his deep connection with nature, and finding beauty in everything everywhere
” Normality is a paved road,it is easy to walk, but no flowers grow on it” – Vincent van Gogh

ROOM 5 : Frida Kahlo

“I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint”
Experience the bright and bold world Frida created through her paintings.
This colourful space offers a glimpse of Frida`s boldness and strength , in her life, her paintings, her beloved Mexico
” I paint self portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best” Frida Kahlo [Gallery]

9 Rated by Guests
9 Rated by Guests